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Mike Whitt

Having been raised in Charleston, S.C., Mike was influenced heavily by the music of the area. Beach music and funk were in its hay-day when he began playing drums in the high school band. His first concert was James Brown and Herman’s Hermits, he hasn’t been the same since!

He learned his chops listening to the R & B music of the times. His first band in high school did get to open for groups such as The Tams, Jerry Lee Lewis, Doug Clark and Spyder Turner. During his college years in Georgia, Mike hooked up with some players from that area to travel weekends to Florida, Alabama and Georgia. At that time, he shared the stage with groups like Billy Joe Royal and Smythe to widen his stage experience.

Through the years following, he toured the U.S. playing with a variety of groups doing the club circuit and recording. His experience doing Country music, Classic Rock and Roll and Blues has made him a well-rounded drummer with much experience to bring to the stage. He has shared the stage and opened for groups like The Association, B.B. King , Steppenwolf, Allman Brothers Band and Molly Hatchet.

He now enjoys playing with Mac Arnold & Plate Full O’ Blues. They have 3 albums and a DVD documentary to their credit along with 4 European tours under their belt.

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I Can Do Anything” is an uplifting song written by Mac Arnold and Max Hightower that speaks to children about the importance of staying in school and getting their education. Mac and Max decided to approach the music coordinators at local schools in Greer, South Carolina about performing the song with them at a music festival being presented by Mac Arnold and Plate Full O’ Blues.
Music was provided to the schools and with the help of the music teachers, Mac, and his band, the song was taught to students in the Greer Elementary, Middle, and High School. Both the choirs and the marching bands were included.

The resulting performance was nothing short of magic and the idea of creating a Foundation that would teach schools how to produce and perform musical events to financially support their music and arts programs was born.

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I had a chance to see Mac and the band in Greenville last year and thoroughly enjoyed every second of the performance. So thrilled, I bought both of the CDs at the show. After listening to them over and over while driving my daughter to school, my 2 year old asks every morning to hear “the education song”. She knows all the lyrics and it is a joy to hear her sing “I can do anything”. Keep doing what you are doing Mac. I can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Chuck Ford


Music Curriculum is an important part of the Foundation. We know that getting a child involved and excited about music will improve everything else that child does in school.

School girl on piano

Children are highlighted in the performances and the one on one attention they receive during preparation for a show is something they will never forget.

School kid with guitar

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