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Danny Keylon biography


Danny Keylon


Danny Keylon is the newest member of Mac Arnold & Plate Full O’ Blues, having joined in September 2007. He has been playing the bass for a number of years and when his friend and the band’s drummer, Mike Whitt, asked if he would like to play a few jobs with Mac and PFOB, he jumped at the chance and has been with them ever since. Everything just seemed to fit.

Mac, Mike, Austin, and Max, also love to play, and that, plus a solid groove, are some of the bonds that unite them. Mac is a bass player, too and Danny says it is his obligation “to steal every lick Mac knows” so he can add them to his own bag of licks. Just listen to some of their tunes and you can hear a veritable cornucopia of influences. Enjoy.


10 Nov 2011 | Volunteers


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